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invivoContrast: Agents for Advanced Preclinical Imaging

Welcome to the web page of invivoContrast. We are a small company devoted to provide unique preclinical research contrast agents with reliable pharmaceutical quality.

The MRI contrast agents Gadofluorine P and Gadomer 17 have been developed and synthesized by Bayer Schering Pharma AG, and invivoContrast GmbH has manufactured a ready-to-use injection solution.
Both contrast agents have been extensively tested preclinically and are broadly published in peer journals.
invivoContrast GmbH has an exclusive licence from Bayer Schering Pharma AG to provide these contrast agents to the preclinical MRI imaging community.

Gadomer 17

- vascular permeability
- tumor therapy control
- precise blood pool imaging
- µ-angiography
- stroke imaging

Reliable quality and long term stability

- synthesized by drug company
- formulated as buffered solution with excess chelator
- stability up to two years (room temperature)

Ready-to-use sterile injection solution

- single bolus application
- multiple injections from one vial
- excellent tested safety profile allowing multiple dosing
- excellent local tolerability

Not for human use. Not for veterinary use. For research purposes only.